Cancer Awareness


The Nairobi Hospital has identified Cancer as its flagship product for Corporate Social Responsibility activities is making a conscious effort to step into the existing gap with regards to Cancer awareness, treatment and support.

Commencing this October 2011, as part of the Cancer month activities, The Nairobi Hospital will be holding Cancer Walk on 15th October 2011 in Nairobi and be subsequently holding similar walks in Mombasa Kisumu and Nyeri in the same month. The theme of the walks is ‘Taking Strides Against Cancer’ and the walk’s objective is to create awareness on the importance of early detection as the best prevention of cancer

Statistics in Kenya have shown that about 50 Kenyans die daily from various forms of cancers and about 90,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, with the most common listed as breast, cervical, prostrate, colon and lung cancer. The one key factor for increasing the chances for survival is early detection. Early detection translates to higher survival rates because it increases the opportunity to catch cancer early and provides an opportunity for intervention before it has spread to other areas within the body.

The Hospital also has a very robust Cancer Support Group that offer holistic support to cancer survivors and their families in Kenya. This includes provision of counseling, relevant medical, social and psychological support for the patients and their families and to create awareness and promote early detection of cancer in the community. The support group seeks to provide a platform to reach out to anyone who may need support with regards to cancer.

Please see inspiring story about Katheke Mibthi our Cheerleader for Cancer Awareness and Cancer Support Ambassador whose appeal we have taken up to step up the awareness campaign.

Cancer – It is NOT a Death Sentence! – Courtesy Pregnant Magazine Issue number 16
Katheke Mbithi – A Baptism of Fire! – Courtesy Biashara Leo Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 Issue

Early detection saves lives and we invite you to be part of this noble cause to make a difference and Take Strides Against Cancer!

  1.  A Baptism of Fire Courtesy of Biashara Leo Magazine
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  2.  Cancer is not a Death Sentence Courtesy of Pregnant Magazine
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  3.  Nairobi Hospital Cancer Walk Poster
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