Kenya Hospital Association

Company Profile

Having evolved from the Nairobi European Hospital Association in 1954, the Kenya Hospital Association (K H A) is a company limited by guarantee, not having share capital. The Management of the Hospital, as contained in the Articles of Association, is vested in the Board of Management. The directors, known as members of the Board of Management, offer their services on voluntary basis. The K H A also runs its own nursing school called The Cecily McDonnell School of Nursing. 

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Our objectives

We care about quality and take pride in our reputation for providing the highest standards of healthcare, believing that patient satisfaction is paramount.  We will continue to maintain our nursing school as part of our professional development program.  Being a non-profit making organization, any surplus realized is reinvested in hospital development for the benefit of patients. In order to monitor our own performance, we will continue to be subject to internal and external audits.  To continue to efficiently utilize our human and material resources as an essential tool for the long-term future of the hospital. Currently the K H A has a membership totaling 1,700 and operates different schemes to suit member preferences. These are: The Care Membership Corporate Membership I C U Scheme By joining the K H A you will be ensuring that the best medical care is available for yourself and your family, and most important you will have a voice in the future of medical care in this country

The Care Bouquet Membership Scheme

As a CARE card member you are entitled to a voting right at the K H A General Meetings and the following benefits which is determined by the length of time you are a member. 

Ist Year of Membership

You are entitled to discounts when using the following facilities: 





consultation fee at the casualty 

Privileges (extended to the immediate family)

Waiver of deposit at admission 

Acceptance of personal cheques 

Assistance during admission 

Assistance at discharge 

Visitation by hospital officials

  2nd Year

of Membership 15% rebate per night for in-patient  Entitlement to the above discounts and privileges

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