The Nairobi Hospital Almoners Fund in conjunction with The League of Friends sponsored a cleft surgery that was done on one year old Benard Munyama Nyakundi from Nyamira district. Accompanied by his father Nyakundi Nyaga`o, a farmer, was a very happy man, thanked the whole team including the surgical team for helping him. The chair person Mrs. Andy Russell said that this was their third case of cleft lip surgery and they look forward to helping the needy. The Fund began in 1997 with the aim of assisting needy patients who find themselves in hospital due to emergency and are unable to pay.The Nairobi Hospital which is also a member of child rights and protection program donated clothes to the baby. The Almoners fund partly sponsors heart surgeries.



The Nairobi Hospital has given five children a new lease of life by providing sponsored heart surgery. The children were referred to the Hospital immediately after the detection of their serious heart diseases by doctors in other hospitals.

The Nairobi Hospital’s Children’s Heart Charity Fund funded the operations in conjunction with the USA-based Children’s HeartLink organization. Nairobi Hospital runs the Children’s Heart Charity Fund with the objective of assisting youngsters from poor families. This social responsibility programme also creates awareness of the prevention of common heart diseases among children.

Five and a half year old Thomas Mwihu was one of the five beneficiaries of the free heart surgery. Three months prior to his admission at Nairobi Hospital, a doctor noticed a failing heart beat while treating him for flu. He referred him to another doctor at Kenyatta National Hospital who confirmed that the boy had a degenerative heart condition that would best be treated without delay.

Fortunately, Thomas was placed on the list of patients to receive sponsored open heart surgery at the Nairobi Hospital. His parents Peter Ngari and Lucy Njoki though a bit apprehensive about the operation were overjoyed that their first born son had received prompt help. His father said, “I am relieved that there are capable people treating my son because I hadn’t detected anything amiss with him before the diagnosis.

Joy Kagendo who is nearly five years old and lives in Embu district also benefited from the heart surgery. Her mother Mary Rwamba said that she had no idea that a bit of coughing and a rasping voice would yield a bigger problem for the younger one of her twin daughters. The doctor dealing with the child’s cough advised that Joy should have a heart scan which was carried out in March 2006. The results prompted him to send her to Dr. Naomi Gachara of Kenyatta Hospital who then referred her to Nairobi Hospital for further treatment.

Joy’s and Thomas’ parents are very grateful that their children can now look forward to a long life. Though they were worried about the enormity and mystery of open heart surgery, a meeting with the full team of surgeons, cardiologists, anaesthetists, nurses and laboratory technicians allayed all their fears.

The cost of the operations would have been too great for Joy’s parents who are subsistence farmers and Thomas’ father who earns a living from running a taxi. In addition to meeting the cost of the surgery, Children HeartLink provided free accommodation for the parents at the Hospital during their children’s stay.

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