The obstetric department strives through innovation, guidance and care, to develop and provide for women and the new-born, exemplary health services which are responsive to the needs of the local and countrywide community and in accordance with WHO policies.


Individuals have a right to participate in making informed decisions about their health care: and the right to receive optimum care, information, respect and support from staff. Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services are integral part of primary, secondary and tertiary care.  The Department’s aims can best be served by the location of inter-related services on a single site.  Staff are the Department’s most valuable asset and deserve support and acknowledgement for their contribution. Aims To provide optimal health care services within the resources available. To guide the way to the future through research, innovation, teaching and training.  To provide accurate, accessible health information to all our clients. To establish a systematic process to evaluate and plan for changes.  To attract and retain suitably qualified staff and to provide appropriate training and development.  To make available expert, comprehensive advice to the Health Department of Kenya, hospitals, community services and agencies. 

Include 1. Midwives Clinic 2. Well Baby Clinic 3. Lamaze childbirth education classes   MIDWIVES

CLINIC The Nairobi Hospital Midwives clinic is a maternity care facility for healthy women who anticipate a normal pregnancy and birth.

Staff are committed to providing optimal care during the childbearing experience. This care is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are essential natural physiological processes. The care provided for mother and baby during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period reflect this attitude. 

The clinic encourages expectant families to be involved in planning and enjoying the events of pregnancy and childbirth in a safe, personalized comfortable setting. Women have the right to seek health care for themselves and the baby, which enables childbearing to be a family experience. Each woman, together with her family, is entitled to participate as the member of the team determining the plan of care appropriate to her individual needs. She shares responsibility with the staff for the ultimate goal of a healthy mother, baby and family unit. 

Births are conducted by midwives, who are experienced and have special expertise in supporting normal childbirth, as well in recognizing complications and the need for medical consultation and referral. A Doctor is available in case of any emergency complications. Midwives are the primary care givers but also work in a team relationship with a Medical Practitioner. All other services of Nairobi Hospital are available if and when required.   Normal

Delivery: KShs. 46,000.00. This covers: Antenatal visits Prenatal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests and 1 ultrasound scans Iron supplements Midwife’s delivery charges Obstetrician’s and Pediatrician’s retainer fee back-up Pre and Post Natal standard drugs Main Nursery charges for 3 days with vaccinations  

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