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Your Doctor will arrange for your admission through the Hospital’s booking office according to your diagnosis. However for Maternity bookings should be made directly by the expectant mother with a doctors referral.


Self paying patients will be required to pay a deposit which will be used to off set the bill at discharge time. Patients being paid for by third parties will be required to complete the required forms and paper work.

Patients should make arrangements to top up their deposits as their stay in the Hospital progresses.

NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund)

Patients who contribute to NHIF are entitled to a rebate of KSh. 1,400 on their bed charges per night. However the following requirements should be fulfilled in accordance to NHIF rules:

NHIF contribution card must be signed on both sides by the contributors Photocopy of the contributor’s ID (both sides) NHIF cards with franking impressions must be accompanied by the Certificate of Contributions paid from employer

(CCP). The contributor must complete Part I

and III of the claim form (NHIF 8) A letter of long stay signed by the doctor must accompany claims for hospitalization in excess of 10

days If the patient is the listed as “spouse” his/her copy of ID is

required If the child claiming a rebate is over 18 years, a child declaration form is completed and a letter form the institution of learning is required If the patient is a child, the contributor should complete NHIF 24. If the child is over 18 years, a letter from the institution of learning is required The contributor should make sure that the Hospital authority endorses his/her card at discharge

date When the contributor is deceased/disabled, the next of kin should complete and sign for the


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