We have two out-patient pharmacies. One is situated at the Accident and Emergency Centre and the other is in the main hospital.

Medication is only administered to admitted patients on the written request of the patient’s doctor. We dispense medicines on prescription only to out-patients and serve patients seen at the Hospital, other private and public hospitals and from private medical practitioners.

The drugs supplied are of excellent quality at the best price possible. We are able to offer 

competitive prices due to the excellent discounts and bonuses we negotiate with suppliers which 

we then pass on to patients.

The main pharmacy is open from 8a.m. to 7p.m. Monday to Friday and 8a.m. to 6p.m. on Saturday 

and 10a.m. to 3p.m. on Sunday.

The Accident & Emergency Pharmacy is open 24 hours everyday. We have over 2,500 different 

types of drugs and we have poisoning information on 60,000 different in our Drug and Poison 

information centre.

The Drug and Poison Information Center

of Pharmacy

Services provided to Doctors and other medical staff includes drug information on various drugs including:

Pharmacological classification

Therapeutic uses

Place in therapy – comparison with other agents in the same group

Dosing information – in adults, paediatrics and in various disease states e.g. renal insufficiency


Precautions and contra-indications

Adverse reactions

Drug-Drug interactions

Use in pregnancy & Children (Paediatrics)

Monitoring parameters – both therapeutic and toxic

Mechanism of action/pharmacology

Patient instructions   Toxicology/Poison Information

Services offered include:

Identification and classification

Clinical effects of exposure

Treatment- both supportive and use of antidotes

Range of toxicity

Laboratory monitoring parameters


Kinetics   Other services will include information on new drugs, notification of drug alerts, 

Withdrawals and product recalls   Services

to Patients Include

Services are free but charges will be levied for photocopying of documents and lending out of videocassettes. 1 Provision of patient instructions on use of their drugs including:

Information on what the drugs are for
When not to use the medicines e.g., in case of allergies, other concomitant medications

How to use and store the medications e.g. intake with regard of food/alcohol, drugs & food to avoid, action to be taken incase of missed doses

Special precautions in the use of the medicines e.g. in pregnancy, renal or liver disease, other co-existing diseases

Expected mild side effects and other side effects which the doctor should be informed if they occur.

Information on new drugs, notification of drug alerts, withdrawals and product recalls
2 Patient Education e.g. Diabetic Education 3 Health videos for patients – the center will have a variety of videos on various diseases for the patients. These will be available for viewing at the center for for overnight lending to patients. 4 Books for patients on various diseases and healthy living. The family doctor series of books will be available for sale to the patients at a concessionary rate. 5 Brown bags services – patients will be able to bring to the center any drugs at home, for identification and advice on use or disposal. 6 Other services will include blood sugar determination, measurement of Body Mass Index (BMI) and advice on weight reduction and BP measurement. 7 An education library of books on various cancers in very simplified language available to both the patients and their families.  

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