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Chemotherapy Pack

a)    What is a Chemotherapy pack?

  • This is a flat rate charge of chemotherapy administration at the Chemotherapy House.
  • This cost covers:
  • o infusion,
  • o Lunch or snack
  • o and all surgical items
  • o NOTE: This cost excludes the cost of drugs and doctors professional fee.

b)    Why was the chemotherapy pack created?

  • The chemotherapy pack was created to come up with a universal pack for all the patients requiring chemotherapy service.
  • It is economically convenient and affordable.
  • One is able to plan and budget in advance because it’s a constant rate.

c)    Who should use the Chemotherapy pack?

  • The chemotherapy pack is suitable for all patients who receive their treatment at the Chemotherapy House or for patients who intend to receive their treatment as a day care service at the center.

d)  How does one book for chemotherapy pack?     

  • Oncologist books patient for the service.
  • Once booked for chemotherapy patient proceeds to the chemotherapy house
  • Drugs received from pharmacy as per the doctors’ prescription.
  • Payment for use of the facility is done at the Anderson Medical Centre cash point.
  • Patients keeps the original receipt and leaves the copy of the receipt with the nurse.

e)  Where is Chemotherapy house located?

The Nairobi Hospital Chemotherapy House is located between the ICU and the Staff Clinic. It can be accessible through the Goods Entrance Gate.


For more information about the Chemotherapy Pack, kindly visit the Chemotherapy House or call 2 845 663

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