The Oncology and Cancer Treatment Centre

The Oncology and Cancer Treatment Centre
Taking Cancer Treatment to The Next Level
The state of the art Oncology and Cancer Treatment Center houses several
consulting rooms, examination rooms, two Varian Linac treatment
bunkers, a bracheotherapy treatment bunker, chemotherapy centre, ensuite
rooms and general wards amongst others.
The Difference!
In line with our mission to offer patients the best care using advanced
technology in an atmosphere of trust, safety and comfort, our tastefully
designed 58 bed Oncology and Cancer Treatment Centre provides:-
• A warm homely environment for patients
• Fast effective and precise treatment
• The highest quality equipment available in the world
• Oncology specialists within the facility
• A variety of accommodation types
• Three floors of accommodation
• Fully integrated medical & ICT systems
• High quality granite finishes
• Fully backed up services

Key Facilities:
Ground Floor
• Reception
• Warm, comfortable reception & waiting area
• Counseling room
• Examination room
• Recovery room
• Treatment planning rooms
• 2 Linac Treatment Bunkers
• High Dose Rate Bracheotherapy Treatment Bunker
• Radiophysicists room

First Floor:
• Reception
• Visitors’ Lounge
• Chemotherapy Ward (9 beds)
• Chemotherapy Day Ward (6 beds)
• 4 Consultants rooms
• 2 en-suite rooms

Second Floor:
• Reception
• Visitors’ lounge
• 4 female wards (18 beds)
• 3 male wards (21 beds)
• 2 en-suite wards (2 beds)

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