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Located at the short stay facility in the A& E Centre, the Executive Clinic was opened in July 2007 to provide comprehensive medical care with emphasis on prevention and empowering patients in decision making about their health. The doctors at the executive clinic offer a full medical evaluation with several laboratory and radiological tests scheduled at the convenience of the clients.

Standard Packages

Executive Well-Woman Clinic Executive Well-Man Clinic
Consultation Consultation
Full Blood Count Full Blood Count
Kidney Function Test Kidney Function Test
Papsmear PSA (Indicator for prostrate cancer)
Urine Analysis Urine Analysis
Stool Analysis Stool Analysis
Liver function tests VDRL
Lipid profile Liver function tests
Random Blood Sugar Lipid profile
Chest X-ray Random Blood Sugar
Electrocardiogram Test (ECG) Chest X-ray
VDRL Electrocardiogram Test (ECG)

Extended Well-Man/Well-Woman Clinic

It includes all services offered in the standard package with additional screening for:

  • Bone mineral density
  • Other Cancers
  • Heart Disease
  • Thyroid
  • Specific liver and kidney diseases

The Executive Clinic team of consultants and nurses is supported by other hospital based support services to improve accessibility and continuity of care. Depending on the medical condition, they may advise sub-specialty consultation or referral where needed. The clinic operates on an appointment basis to ensure a satisfying personalized one-on-one consultative moment.

This treatment process will enhance the availability of information to our clients; on how to prevent or detect illnesses at the earliest opportunity, so as to seek medical attention first and fast. Punctuality is required in attending clinics. However, should you need to postpone/cancel an appointment, you are required to call the Clinic on Tel 2 84 5 520 at the earliest possible.

Hours Of Service

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

More Information

For more details, kindly contact:

The Accident & Emergency Coordinator
The Executive Clinic
P. O. Box 30026 – 00100
Tel: 2 845 000
DL: 2 845 518 / 2 845 520

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