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Dialysis Unit

Haemodyalisis refers to an artificial means by which, excess fluid and metabolic wastes are removed using a machine. This is a specialized department which caters for patients whose kidneys have failed and thus require haemodyalisis. The unit is adjacent to the ICU and acts as an outpatient facility which also caters for patients from other hospitals as well as Nairobi Hospital’s inpatients. We facilitate angio-access and initiate dialysis. We also prepare patients and families for live donor kidney transplants.

The unit has a capacity of ten patients at a given time and can attend to atleast 20 patients a day. Machines are coded based on the patient’s condition e.g. hepatitis C etc.

Pre-Requisites For Dialysis

All clients undergo predialysis screening, which include HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B testing. The screens are repeated every 3 months to enhance patient’s safety. Routine blood tests include Total Blood Count, Urea Electrolytes, Creatinine, Calcium, Albumen and Phosphorous. Other tests are as per individual patient needs. Routine tests are done every first week of the month as a baseline and to asses the quality of the dialysis offered.

Renal Unit - AccommodationAccommodation

We have state of the art dialysis seats, which have incliners. The client has the liberty to choose to use a seat or a bed. We offer a meal after dialysis and a snack
during dialysis. This is all-inclusive in the dialysis package.

Follow Up

Each client has a dialysis take home card, which summarizes events of each session. Information is entered after each session.

Services Offered

Apart from the dialysis machines, we have a digital weighing scale for all sitting patients. A changing room is available with lockable lockers where patients/ clients
keep their valuables while on dialysis.

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