Inpatient Services Operating Theatres

The Party!The Nairobi Hospital Theatre is a group of six operating rooms with advanced equipment and well trained staff who ensure that surgery procedures are carried out efficiently. The major and obstetrical theatres are open 24 hours a day and emergencies take priority over planned surgeries. The theatre staff are provided with special attire and high standard of cleanliness is maintained with quarterly agar plating is carried out to monitor efficacy.

Main operating theatres

The hospital has three major operating theatres. The surgeries carried out here include: open heart, vascular, ENT, orthopaedic, joint replacement, general surgery, gynecological, neurological, kidney transplant, plastic, ophthalmology, key hole surgery and maxillofacial.

Obstetrics operating room

The room is located at a convenience of the labor ward and takes care of maternity cases. Emergency and planned caesarian sec-
tions are carried out here.

Operation in ProgressMinor operating theatres

There are two minor operating theatres located at the short stay unit and are used for ambulatory surgery. The unit has sufficient facilities for admission and discharge.

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