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Dr. Mary N. Kisingu B Pharm. PGD MgmtDr. Mary N. Kisingu B Pharm., PGD Mgmt,

Dr. Kisingu holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from University of Nairobi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Cambridge Association of Managers-United Kingdom and is currently pursing an MBA. She is registered by the Pharmacy & Poisons Board and is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya. She joined The Nairobi Hospital on 1st March 2006 from Howse & Mc George Laborex Limited. Mary enjoys traveling, swimming, reading just about anything and relaxing at home with family and friends.

Mary KiarieDr. Mary Kiarie Kibathi
Clinical Pharmacist

Dr Kiarie has worked as a pharmacist for 22years; she is a registered pharmacist and a member of Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya. She holds a bachelor of pharmacy from the University of Nairobi and a Masters of Science in Clinical pharmacy from the Queens University, Belfast UK.

She is a member of several committees at the Nairobi hospital which include infection control, medicine and therapeutic committee and ICU users.

The Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacy ReceptionThe Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy has been in existence for the last 50 years since 1956 and has grown over the years in terms of the quantity, quality and variety of drugs dispensed and other auxiliary services provided. The pharmacy falls under the division of clinical services and is manned by highly qualified professional staff with specialized certifications from both Kenya and the United Kingdom.


Outlet Location Day of the week Opening Hours
Main Pharmacy Outpatient section Located at the heart of the hospital behind the main hospital reception Monday – Friday 8am—8pm
Saturdays 8am—8pm
Sundays and Public Holidays 12 – 6 pm
A&E Pharmacy Located at the Accident and Emergency Centre (Casualty dept.) Monday – Sunday Open 24 hours; 7 days a week
Doctors Plaza Pharmacy Located at Doctors Plaza accessible via the rear entrance after Lee Funeral Home (Goods entrance Gate). Monday – Friday 8am – 7 pm
 Saturdays  8am – 7 pm
Public Holidays & Sunday Closed

Local Prescriptions

The Nairobi Hospital pharmacy dispenses medicines on prescription from our casualty doctors, consultants from within and outside the hospital, and also prescriptions from other hospitals and doctors within the country.

International Prescriptions

Patient with prescriptions written by doctors from outside Kenya can have their prescriptions re-written by our casualty doctors and dispensed in our pharmacy.
Drug information. Apart from dispensing drugs on prescriptions, the pharmacy also offers the following patient support services at no extra cost.

Drug Information on prescription medicines:

  • Dosing instructions
  • Drug storage
  • Precautions and contra-indications in the use of the medicines
  • Adverse reactions – expected mild side effects and other effects that the doctor should be informed of if they occur.
  • Drug – drug interactions
  • Use in pregnancy and in children
  • Patient instructions

Pharmacy CounterToxicology/Poison information

  • Identification and classification of drugs
  • Clinical effects of exposure
  • Treatment-both supportive and use of antidotes
  • Range of toxicity
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Patient Education e.g. diabetic education, anti-retroviral or Cancer drug manage


The in-patient pharmacy department dispenses medication to all patients admitted into our wards based on prescriptions made on treatment sheet by the patient’s doctor(s). The pharmacy staff are very keen to check for correct doses in respect to age, weight and disease states; any drug interactions and rational drug use especially in the use of antibiotics.

Clinical Pharmacy

The traditional view of the role of a pharmacist has been to supply medicines; but at the Nairobi Hospital, this is now a very simplistic view. The pharmacists’ role carries a considerable amount of responsibility, both at ward level and in the dispensary. The focus today is clinically based, interacting with patients and staff to provide total pharmaceutical care for the patient.

This includes providing the rationale for drug regimes, checking for drug safety in individual patients, considering compliance issues, implementing drug formularies and ensuring safe and effective drug treatment at all times.

The Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy has two qualified clinical pharmacists who:

  • Visit the ICU ward every morning to check on patient progress. The pharmacist is able to get background information for each patient from medical notes and discussion with the physician.
  • Check clinical intervention – counterchecking doses based on body weight, height, surface area and clinical condition.
  • Check on adverse drug reaction or interaction from the treatment sheet prescription.
  • Provide drug information to facilitate medication use and ensure that nurses and physicians have high level of drug support available.
  • Give patient information and counseling.

Other services provided by the pharmacy include:

  • Health Videos -our drug information centre has a variety of videos on various diseases. These are available for viewing in the wards by in-patients free of charge or for overnight lending to out – patients. A fee of Ksh. 200/- is charged for overnight borrowing.
  • The family doctor series of books on various diseases and healthy living are available for sale at a concessionary rate of Kshs.400 per book.
  • An education library of books on various cancers in simplified language is available for sale. These are of great help to both the patients and their families.
  • Brown bag services-Patients can bring to the pharmacy any drugs from home for identification and advice on use or disposal.
  • Importation of specialized products not available within the country on a patient basis upon prescription by a consultant.

Pharmacy Contacts

The pharmacy is accessible for enquiries and information via the Hospital telephone No. 284500/ 2845600

Extensions for the pharmacy Outlets are as follows:


Main Pharmacy- Out Patient Dept Ext. 5603
In Patient Dept Ext. 5602/4
Discharges Section Ext. 5604
Casualty Pharmacy Ext. 5554
Doctors Plaza Pharmacy Ext. 6400
Chief Pharmacist Ext. 5600/1

If you are using a touch tone phone please dial 284 + the extension you need to reach. For example; for Chief pharmacist dial 284(5601)

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. At each pharmacy outlet, is a suggestion box with customer satisfaction questionnaires on site. Every time you visit us, kindly let us know about your experience with our service to you by filling in these questionnaires.

We are glad to receive both your compliments and your complaints. Incase our service does not meet your expectation and you let us know we will get in touch with you for discussion on our shortcomings and how we could improve on our services. We value you feedback.

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