Outpatient Services Short Stay

Short StayThe Short Stay Unit is a facility used solely for the treatment of ambulatory surgical cases. This refers to minor procedures after which the patient can safely recover at home with minimum post-operative observation and treatment. The unit is also used for preparation of patients for some minor procedures performed in other theatres within the hospital who then recover in the ambulatory centre and are discharged when stable.

The Unit has two theatres with ultra modern equipment to meet clients’ needs thus enabling the hospital to provide a one stop service. Patients coming to the Short Stay Unit are received, assessed, prepared, operated, allowed to recover and discharged all under the same roof.

Services Offered:

  • Ophthalmology:

This procedure caters for patients with eye problems, removal of foreign bodies and abnormal growths in the eyes.

  • Gynecology:

The woman is exceptionally catered for through uterus cleaning, removal and insertion of contraceptive devices, tubal ligation, cervical biopsy among others.

  • Gastroenterology:

Removal of hemorrhoids, sphincterotomy and more are offered under this type of surgery.

  • Ear, Nose and Throat

Procedures related to the ear, nose and throat such as tonsillectomy, removal of adenoids, obstructions caused by foreign objects and direct laryngoscopy.

  • Cosmetic Surgery:

For that extra and satisfying look, the unit offers surgeries such as removal of cysts and lumps, excision of lesions, skin biopsies and much more.

  • Orthopaedic Surgery:

This is the bone and soft tissue surgery, application of plasters, correction of dislocated bones (K-wiring of fingers and toes), repair of fractures and minor amputation of fingers and toes.

  • Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery:

This is the removal of abnormal teeth, minor teeth alignment, dental fillings, removal of dental wires and repair of soft tissues in the mouth.

  • Vascular Surgery:

In this unit, curative process of the varicose veins, insertions of permanent catheters for dialysis, creation of ateriovenous fistula, and any other issues concerning the veins.

  • Urology:

This involves genital/urinary system surgery, circumcision for adults and children, bladder check ups, removal of biopsy for laboratory tests and vasectomy.

  • Pediatric surgery:

This type of surgery is done for children with minor cases.

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