Other Facilities

The Red Cross Shop

The Red Cross shop is situated on the Ground Floor of the hospital opposite the Matron’s Office. The shop supplies toiletries and a variety of other items including newspapers and magazines.


There are two restaurants and a coffee shop where Doctors, Clients and Visitors are welcome to enjoy sumptuous meals and snacks. Cafe la Mer located at the Doctors Plaza serves specialty coffees and freshly baked pastries while the coffee shop located on the 1st floor between South Wing and St. Marys Ward serves Swahili Dishes.


There is a florists shop opposite the main entrance of the Hospital. Cards, gifts and flowers are available here.

The League of Friends

The Hospital League of Friends is a registered charitable organization that arranges various events to raise funds for buying specific items to improve patients’ comfort physically, mentally and morally. Originally founded by European Women, the League was inaugurated in 1917. It runs a trolley service everyday where various items are purchased at a non-profitable price to patients. They also run a magazine library for patients who like reading.

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