The Nairobi Hospital admissions desk is a one-stop shop where you will get different advisory services that range from clinical guidance, customer care desk, pottering services, admission procedures and general administration work. It is a well re-furbished area which has an extensive lounge fitted with a large TV set and executive seats for clients to relax as they wait to be attended to. In order to make processes flow more flawlessly, the admissions desk has four main sections each manned by a specialist. The four main sections and their roles are:

  • Nursing/clinical section- Manned by a sister who examines patients, allocates rooms and does bed transfers. She is well trained to distinguish between emergency and non emergency cases.
  • Admissions, Discharge and Transfer Section- This section does patient registration, they also determine financial requirements for patients being admitted/discharged and also act as liaison between insurance companies and the clients.
  • Enquiries and Customer Service-The staff help clients by receiving, directing them and handling any queries they may have.
  • Pottering section- Their main role is to assist patients in case they have luggages that needs to be ferried to the wards and support those who need wheelchairs.


All bookings should be made through the doctors. We will make every effort to give you the type of accomodation requested for.


  • A deposit is required from all self paying patients except for genuine emergencies, whose certificate should be signed by the doctor. For emergency admissions a deposit has to be paid within 24 hours.
  •  A company patient is required to bring a letter of undertaking if the Company is a corporate member of The Nairobi Hospital. 
  • Patients covered by an insurance company should ensure the treating doctor completes his/her insurance forms within 24 hours after admission.
  • If you have an NHIF card, please produce it on the date of admission or within 24 hours after admission. You will be advised about the NHIF rebates.

Your doctor is able to advice on how long you are expected to be in the hospital to obtain a short stay accommodation certificate. Attention is given to emergency cases where a deposit is paid within 24 hrs of admission.


  • The discharge process begins when your doctor comes round and writes the notification of discharge slip for admission/discharge desk.
  • Patients who are discharged but do not leave the ward by 12:00 p.m. (mid-day) will be charged an extra day.

Weekly Deposits

If your bill exceeds the deposit paid, you will be required to make periodic payment to keep your bill at a level not exceeding 50,000/= . In case of any queries about bills, please contact the ward sister and they will be happy to assist you.

Admission Accounts

The hospital is accessible 24 hours a day and we will make all necessary arrangements to assist you with your admissions.

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