The obstetric department strives through innovation, guidance and care, to develop and provide for women and the new born, exemplary health services which are responsive to the needs of the local and the countrywide community and in accordance with WHO policies.

The hospital runs an antenatal clinic that offers a competitive normal and caesarean section packages.

Maternity Unit

Maternity booking should be made at least two months before the expected date of confinement. A deposit is made at the time of the booking. To book a maternity bed kindly use the booking form available from your obstetrician which is then presented to the bookings office.

Midwives Package

The obstetrics philosophy encourages expectant families to be involved in planning and enjoying the events of pregnancy and childbirth in a safe, personalized comfortable setting. The department will work closely with you to develop a plan of care that meets your individual wishes and needs during child birth. The clinic midwives are the primary caregivers but also work in a team with an Obstetrician and Pediatrician. Births are conducted by Midwives. In order to support you, we have prepared a special package that will help you plan for your delivery in advance.

Baby Friendly Unit

We at the Nairobi hospital encourage our mothers to room in with their babies and start breastfeeding within 30 minutes of birth This means that the mother has her baby at her bedside throughout.

This enables the early flow of breast milk which promotes mother and baby bonding and the baby learns how to breast-feed early. The hospital was certified baby friendly in 2005 by the UNICEF in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

Lactation Management Support Group

This support group assist mothers on how to breastfeed and how to manage breastfeeding problems.

Labour Ward

All expectant women admitted for delivery are required to have prior booking upon admission; a booking letter with receipt for booking deposit will be required at the admission desk.Admission for delivery or any complications after 28 weeks gestation in pregnancy is carried out in Labour Ward except for planned caesarean sections.

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