Lab & Blood Donor Unit

The laboratory service is an important component of healthcare. Today investigations play a vital role in the management of any illness. Over the years the demand for quality laboratory service has increased and the laboratory has expanded and opened annexes in other towns within the country. These are:

  • The Nairobi Hospital Laboratory – Eldoret annex
  • The Nairobi Hospital Laboratory – Nyeri annex
  • The Nairobi Hospital Laboratory – Gigiri annex

The laboratory is working towards attaining ISO 15189 accreditation. This is a template for assessing the competence of medical laboratories in their technical capacity and their quality management systems.

Once accredited, the laboratory has to maintain regular audits to ensure the standards are maintained.
The laboratory is committed to providing accurate, analytical results, in the shortest possible time and at reasonable cost to patients. All tests are confidential.

The laboratory Division consists of several Sections namely:

  • Histopathology and Cytology
  • Clinical and Special Chemistry
  • Haematology and Blood Transfusion/Blood Donor Services
  • Microbiology and TB.

The laboratory performs over 300 different kinds of tests and about 350, 000 tests per year, making it one of the largest in the country. The laboratory gives priority to urgent tests and emergencies. Routine tests are done on first comes first served basis.

The laboratory remains open 24 hours.

Blood Donor Centre

Our blood donor centre provides services to all hospital patients requiring blood or blood products. To maintain the bank, friends and relatives of the patient are asked to donate to replace these units. All blood and blood products are screened to ensure safe blood transfusion practices.

Types of Donors

  1. Regular Donors

    They are registered with our donor centre and donate regularly at three months interval.Benefits of being a regular donor include;

    • Free screening for Malaria, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and HIV.
    • Should a regular donor require blood transfusion our donor centre will provide the blood from our bank stock.
  2. Volunteer (Random) Donors

    In general, an adult in good health with no recent diseases may donate blood. (See our donor booklet and program brochure for more information).

  3. Autologous and Autotransfusion

    Did you know that you can donate upto 3 units of your own blood in anticipation of your elective surgery? This however requires a prescription from your physician before the prospective donation can be bled. Find more about this from your doctor.
  4. Designated (Directed!) Donors

    At the request of your physician, you may bring family or friends to donate blood on your behalf. The blood will be reserved specifically for you. The donors however must be of your compatible group.



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