Pakakumi Game: Secrets Paka kumi, Jackpot, Bonus & Tricks

What you find in UK and European casinos online you will find at the famous Pakakumi game, especially if you are a Kenyan resident. Thousands of players have already won their jackpots – so why wait? Trust the leaders in this field, play and win in Pakakumi!

Not all countries are open to online gambling legally. Again, some have legislations in place that allows gambling in certain forms. If you are in Kenya and wish to gamble in an online game, you can do so by registering an account on the Pakakumi game site. Nowadays many games allow gamblers to try them with real money. However, the websites need to have regional and international licenses as well.

One such gambling site that is legit in Kenya is Pakakumi. In the following sections of our Pakakumi review 2023, we discover more about the game, its legitimacy and how one can register, and how to play Pakakumi with real funds.

What Is Paka Kumi & How to Play it?

Most people talk about the Pakakumi Crash game. The website has added a sportsbook section as well, called Pakakumi Sports.

Pakakumi Game 1
There is something unique about the Pakakumi Crash game. It is unlike a simple video slot or bingo game that one usually expects to find. This online game is played in real-time. It is about betting on chart patterns. That is, there is a line chart that moves as per the number of players and their bet multiples. The game employs an algorithm known as Provably Fair. It works in a way that the platform owner or the players cannot tamper with the results of the game.

Hence, this makes the game unlike slots, card games, or sports betting. Here players need to make predictions and place bets accordingly. For instance, one can bet 100 KSH and predict a rise in the graph line by about 10x. It will result in a win of 10x of one’s bet or KSH 1000.

Those who place bets need to stay online and active. That is because the graph changes its patterns in microseconds. Hence one can place bets and withdraw their wins at the right moments to make profits. The maximum bet amount at a single point in time can be 3000 KSH.

There are risks of losses as well. It is directly proportional to the bets one places. For instance, if one places a bet that the graph will rise 50x and it does not do so then one is “busted”. Hence, risks of losses are as per the amount one bet. The higher the multiple bet of one’s deposit, the higher the losses.

What Else Do They Offer

There is a sportsbook section as well. Here gamblers can choose a sports event or a number of them to bet on. There is a betting jackpot as well. It allows gamblers to win large amounts of prize money. They can place bets on different live sports events. These span across soccer, MMA, basketball, and other genres.

In the sections below we explore the ways one can register an account and deposit funds in the same. We also see how the game is played, strategies that one can use to win big, and so forth.

Who Is The Owner Of Pakakumi?

This gaming website is registered under Reys and Meys Limited, a legitimate company. The company as well as the website are licensed and regulated under gambling laws and authorities of Kenya. Details of the same can be found on the official site of Pakakumi.

Is Pakakumi Legit?

Yes, it operates with a legitimate license as issued by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of the country as per our review. Furthermore, all its operations are as per the Lotteries and Gaming Act of Kenya. All these aspects are ensured by the holding company, Reys and Meys Limited. Hence, customers can check out the validity of the license number of the site with the gambling authorities of Kenya via their license directory listings. There are support channels listed for the customer accounts as well.

Hence, those who have any concerns about scam can write in at the support email listed and get their queries answered. Also, the games are based on provably fair technology. As a result, neither the game’s patterns nor player movements can be predicted from before. All these aspects make outcomes in the game fair and random. One can go onto the official section of Provably Fair to know more about its algorithm.

Paka Kumi Register – Pakakumi Login

The steps to register an account on this site are straightforward:

  • The link to sign up for a new account can be found in the top right-hand corner of the main page.
  • Upon clicking this link a registration form opens up.
  • It requires a new customer to register using an MPESA number; this needs to be valid since all payments are processed via this number.
  • One is then prompted to choose a username and a password.

Pakakumi Game 2 - Register

Once the above details are entered, the website will then verify the same. That is, it will ask the new users to validate the MPESA number they key in. The website will check and ensure that the username and password are unique.

After these steps are completed, new visitors to the site need to check the box that implies that they agree to the terms and conditions of the website. After that, they can proceed to their account section. In this way, one completes the Paka Kumi register process.

How to Deposit Money to Your Play Pakakumi Account?

All deposits and withdrawals from a Pakakumi account are done via an MPESA number. It should correspond to the number you provide at the time of registration. The steps to deposit in your Pakakumi account are as follows:

  1. Open the MPESA app on your phone.
  2. Select the option to pay the bill.
  3. Enter the business number of Pakakumi which is 547717.
  4. Enter the account number that is given to you in Paka kumi.
  5. After that, enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Enter the MPESA PIN.
  7. Press “Send”.

Paka kumi Game 3 - Wallet

The above steps will help one to fund their account in Pakakumi. Also, one needs to remember that the minimum amount they need to deposit is KES 100. Also, users need to key in the phone number associated with the MPESA number that they registered with the site. Again, customers with an active bonus need to make deposits per the terms mentioned.

Pakakumi Jackpot

The Pakakumi jackpot is available in the Pakakumi sportsbook section. It starts from KSH 10,000, and the amount increases every week. That is, till someone wins the prize. Also, players can place bets as many as they want, but the amount of each bet should be KSH 100 minimum.

Eligibility to win the jackpot depends on the following conditions:

  • 13 football events are pre-selected; players need to make predictions on all these games.
  • A player wins the jackpot when their predictions match the outcomes of all 13 games.
  • If there is more than one winner, it is shared between all of them equally.
  • For 10, 11, or 12 correct predictions players get cash bonuses.
  • Players need to place bets before scheduled kick-offs of the matches.
  • In case games are canceled, voided, or suspended official draws are carried out, especially in case it is one, two, or three games.
  • In case more than three games are changed then the jackpot could stand cancelled.

Players need to login to their official account to place bets. Also, free bets or bonus money they receive cannot be used for jackpot bets again. Also, winnings of jackpots are subjected to 20% tax as per the Income Tax Act. It is deducted by the website for remitting to the Kenya Revenue Authorities.

Pakakumi Bonus

Those who register an account here can claim a 100% deposit Pakakumi bonus. Some terms come with this bonus:

  1. You can claim this bonus only one time after you register an account.
  2. To claim the bonus a customer needs to make a minimum deposit of 300 KES.
  3. The maximum bonus money that one can claim is 15000 KES.
  4. After one makes the minimum deposit the bonus comes into one’s account automatically.
  5. Once the bonus has come into one’s account they cannot withdraw or transfer the same.
  6. The bonus needs to be wagered at least 50 times; also this needs to be done in a time of 7 days.
  7. After wagering is done remaining funds move into the main account of the customer.
  8. Only after one completes the wagering terms can one withdraw their wins.

Pakakumi Game 4 - Bonus

At the time of withdrawing wins, customers need to produce valid documentation. That is they need to provide appropriate KYC documents. In case KYC verification needs to be done right the website reserves the right not to transfer funds or approve withdrawals.

Pakakumi App

There are several claims of a Pakakumi app. Many blogs about it claim that one can download the app for their iOS or Android devices. However, one needs to be aware that there is no official app of Pakakumi! Hence, players in Kenya should register on the site itself. The official website is the only domain where one can play this game. One should refrain from opening accounts on fake apps. It can lead to their funds disappearing and no natural support system where one can write in to get responses.

However, it is easy to gamble on the Paka kumi games on mobile browsers. One can simply open the website on their mobile browser and access their account. It will help customers to gamble on the go.

Pakakumi Secrets & Tricks

Here are some Pakakumi tricks that can help you make profits and wins on Pakakumi:

  • The best is to place bets when there is a high level of activity among the players. It increases the chances of winning big.
  • When you find that players are making large profits, prepare to bet on the upcoming round. Hence, if returns are low it is best to wait out that tide or pattern.
  • One Pakakumi secret is to bet cautiously, even if you are on a winning streak. Also, if you are losing, you can continue to place bets as per a budget limit. It is important to stick to budgets especially when one is losing.
  • It is important to monitor the curve patterns. It will help one decide when they should cashout.

Pakakumi Game 5 - Tricks

Pakakumi Game Q&A

How Long Is a Game Round?

A game round begins after you place your stake. You can select the stake amount on the Pakakumi player dashboard. You can also choose the level at which you want to cash out. One can begin by placing their bet and watching the multiplier increase. It will go up from 1x. However, one should be careful since the game can bust at any point in time. Then a player loses their stake. Hence, you can choose to cash out before this state arrives. The multiplier can go up to infinite multiplier levels.

What Is the Minimum Bet?

If you wish to get the bonus you need to make a minimum bet of 300 KES. However, if one does not want to claim the bonus one can get started with lesser amounts. Indeed, bets can be as minimum as 10 Bob. That can lead to winnings up to 1000x or higher.

What Is the Maximum Bet Amount?

Once you have deposited in your Pakakumi account, it is time to place a bet. You can place a maximum of 3000 shillings in one go. One should do so after checking out the patterns. For instance, if the winnings are large and so are the number of players, it is best to get in these rounds. Also, one should plan their wagers cautiously, as per their budget. It should be done keeping in mind that a bet can crash at any time.4.  How to Withdraw Money?

Customers in Kenya who have accounts in Pakakumi can make their withdrawals at any time. To do so they need to visit their account. Here they will find the withdrawal option. Upon clicking on it one should type in the amount they wish to withdraw.

After that, they will find the amount directly sent to their MPESA account linked to the registered phone number. However, before one opts for withdrawal the website will seek to validate their KYC details. Only after such verification is done are the funds transferred to the customer’s account.


Pakakumi is an online gambling portal for Kenya and other countries. You can enjoy this game easily. All that one requires is an account with MPESA. That is enough to register and form an account on this site. After that – have fun and win big money!

There are two main sections here, the sportsbook and the Crash game. The sportsbook allows players to bet big, choosing a 13-game jackpot combination. Such bet combos can help players win lucrative cash prizes. The Crash game simply requires players to bet on the patterns. They can make large wins when the graph goes up. The simple legitimate gambling nature of this portal makes it engaging and safe.

Gamblers can see profits within a short time. Hence, if you are a resident of Kenya or of a country that the site is licensed for, this is a gambling platform that can help you make legitimate wins.

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