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    These links should only be used for
    general information and education only. Information provided by these
    sites should not be relied upon for personal diagnosis or treatment.

    The Body – A
    Multimedia AIDS & HIV Information Resource.
    A wealth of information about AIDS the
    law, the workplace, mental

    health, treatment, support, HIV basics,
    and more. Connect with others

    via discussion groups or get insight
    from experts. An AIDS memorial and

    an inspiring and powerful exhibit of
    photographic images.

    A very interactive site with a lot of
    pregnancy and baby care

    Includes a due date calculator,
    bulletin boards, a baby namer, and

    health information on care for the
    mother, family life tips, and much


    Cancernet –
    National Cancer Institute
    Up to date info on cancer treatments,
    descriptions of all types of

    cancers, stages of cancer, and clinical
    trials. Excellent multi-media

    Kid’s page. Cancer info for kids, by
    kids, as well as for parents.

    Searchable index of information. Also
    material in Spanish.

    Information for patients, families, and
    caregivers related to all

    aspects of mental wellness. Current and
    archived news stories with the

    latest in research, treatment, and
    social trends. Reference sections

    and a searchable database with common
    terms, overviews and other Web

    resources on many mental illnesses.

    Travel Information
    Page, CDC
    Includes a graphical map where you can
    click on area of travel and get

    detailed information regarding
    international travel health needs based

    on your destination.


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