Hospital Management Divisions/Departments


Headed by the CEO, the Administration Department oversees the overall management of the hospital. The division has the two major top management organs; the Kenya Hospital Association and the Medical Advisory Committee thus ensuring clinical management as well as administrative management of the hospital. Other sections under this division are Internal Audit and Security, Transport and Fire Safety .


The Finance Division is made up of Finance and Accounting, Admissions, Discharges and Transfers, Procurement and Stores as well as Information Communication and Technology. This is an overall division whose services touch all organs of the hospital through the ERP Care 2000 system… Read More


The Nairobi Hospital is renown for its quality nursing care and provision of excellent patient services in the country, regionally and globally. Professionalism is an aspect we pride ourselves in; we take great care to employ and retain nurses who are committed to patient care which goes a long way to improve and maintain the quality of the nursing care standards we have set over time. The nursing division is the hospital’s backbone in medical care giving patients a positive hospital experience and a conducive environment for quick recovery. Continuous improvement of care services and compliance to international standards and procedures in nursing has put the hospital in the regional map of medical excellence. The division consists of wards , theatres , infection control, quality improvement nursing, counseling , social work, chaplaincy, dietetics and the Central Sterile Services Division. Read More

Accident and Emergency Centre

The Nairobi Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Centre is a modern and well equipped centre that handles around 300 patients per day both emergency and non-emergency cases. It is well equipped with professional staff who are certified in advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support ensuring that emergency care is provided as per international standards. The division is headed by the Accident and Emergency Co-ordinator.  Read more


The Nairobi Hospital Pharmacy is manned by highly qualified personnel who give exemplary advisory services to both in and outpatients. The pharmacy offers patient support services which include drug information on prescriptions, toxicology/poison information and patient education. Read More


The Nairobi Hospital Laboratory is a leading diagnostic laboratory service provider in the region and other than serving the hospital’s needs, it offers referral services for all rare tests to other institutions in the country and Eastern Africa Region. Read More

School of Nursing

The Cicely McDonnell School of Nursing enjoys a long tradition as one of the nation’s leading schools of nursing and has maintained leadership in this sector for over half a century. Our mission is to deliver quality nursing care to individuals, groups and communities by providing innovative and comprehensive study programs. The institution is funded by The Nairobi Hospital as a Community Support Programme. The division is made up of the School of nursing and the library.
hool of Nursing Read More


The Nairobi Hospital Radiology Department is an ultra modern diagnostic imaging centre whose aim is to establish leadership in radiological diagnostic and interventional imaging by investing in the best technology available. Read More


The division which consists of Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Service are in charge of hospital publicity through provision of information to the public by identifying the best communication channels possible and ensuring that the customers are satisfied. The division also coordinates the various corporate responsibility activities carried out by the hospital thus ensuring that the we are able to reach the less fortunate who need us every day… Read More

Physical Medicine Centre

The Centre comprises of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy and outreach physiotherapy in Nyeri, Central Kenya. Read More

Support Services

The support services division is one of the fastest growing in the hospital. Over the years, resourceful and innovative management has enabled the hospital to move from outsourcing to self-sustenance in the provision of most of the services. The division is made up of Engineering and Maintenance, Laundry and outsourced services section.

Procurement and Stores

The Procurement and Stores Department is an integral part of The Nairobi Hospital with an objective of creating, assuring and protecting value for the Hospital while coordinating a steady flow of materials and services to ensure continuity and security of supply. It is centralised to ensure process optimisation and uniformity, professionalism, collection of information regarding supplier performance and attainment of economies of scale associated with consolidated purchases… Read More

Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

The ICT Department is responsible for the strategic and general management of the information resources in the hospital. Information Technology serves as a consultant and strategic partner to all hospital departments to develop technical solutions in support of business functions. The information technology environment continues to evolve towards increased openness and integration between systems… Read More

Security, Transport and Fire Safety

The Nairobi hospital Security, Transport and Fire Safety Department is a well modernized department that makes use of current innovations and quality equipment and systems to ensure that our patients, establishment and facilities are protected and safe. Read More

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department strives to build a highly skilled, creative and collaborative workforce that meets diverse and ever changing needs of our customers and a team that is in line with market demands. The dynamic team of competent professionals provides HR and administrative support for the Hospital to achieve its corporate objectives and supports its employees… Read More

Internal Audit

Established in 2003, the Internal Audit Department provides quality auditing services that result in reduced cost, gains in operational efficiencies and strengthened internal controls to assist the Board of Management, Senior Management, Heads of Departments and staff in the achievement of organizational goals… Read More

Engineering and Maintenance

The department was created to cater for engineering and maintenance services for the hospital support services machinery and plants as well as highly specialized medical equipment through the department’s biomedical section. Other responsibilities include coordination of projects for execution, calibration of equipment, installation of new equipment, maintenance and repair of existing equipment… Read More


The Nairobi Hospital Laundry Department is a modern and dynamic department falling under Marketing and Essential Services Division. The department is charged with the responsibility of cleaning all linen and wears in the process of patient care in readiness for reuse, carrying out repair work on all hospital linen as may be necessary and control of linen, wears and staff uniforms… Read More

Outsourced Services

The concept of out-sourcing is a progressive integrated facilities management principle that gears towards identifying and consolidating support services that enhance an organization’s focus on its core business. The Nairobi Hospital appreciates this principle and has embraced its uniqueness in the development of the strategic goals… Read More


The Nairobi Hospital catering department provides an average of 300 patient meals every day, and approximately 500 staff, students and visitors. All meals are freshly cooked and produced within an atmosphere where high standards of hygiene are consistently maintained… Read More

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