Early years

The Nairobi Hospital Cicely McDonnell School of Nursing, an initiative of the Kenya Hospital Association, was opened in 1956. It is named after Sister Cicely McDonnell, a woman who made an immense personal contribution to the welfare and health of Kenyan people. The school was the first privately owned nursing school in pre-independence Kenya.

Headed by Miss Campbell, the first sister tutor, the school admitted only five students who were white. African student nurses were first admitted in 1962.
Today, 60 nurses graduate every year from the school on average. To date, over one thousand six hundred nurses have graduated from the institution, a third of which have been absorbed by The Nairobi Hospital.
The rest have joined public and private organizations locally and abroad. Some of the countries that absorb our nurses because of their focused nursing care are the USA, UK, South Africa, Botswana among others.


In over fifty years, the school never had an alumni until 16th May 2008 when it was launched. The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster a life-long commitment amongst Alumni, to offer support for and participation in the mission and continued growth of wits through opportunities and benefits, that encourage interaction and promote pride in, and engagement with, the Cicely McDonnell School of Nursing.


The objectives for forming the alumni is driven by the conviction that the school produce high caliber nurses with a unique culture rarely found in other nurses worldwide. This has made the alumni of the school to be marketable both locally and abroad. Most health institutions are managed and ran by our alumni. Such institutions are The Nairobi Hospital, Karen Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, UN offices, Health Management organizations among others.

To achieve more pride in the achievements of the alumni and to participate in Cooperate Social Responsibility, the alumni has set objects that will deal with the core values of nursing. One of them is to identify a needy student at enrolled at the school to sponsor them with school fees. Identify other activities each year such as School health/medical camp and provide health education as well as observations.

The objectives of the alumni are;

  • a) To implement an Alumni liaison programme that will encourage Alumni to identify themselves with Cicely McDonnell School of Nursing, to generate and sustain interest and participate in the school affairs, to inspire Alumni to contribute to the development of the school and the promotion of its good name and reputation, locally and internationally, to build and enhance relationships with Alumni.
  • b) To provide a focal point of contact among Alumni thorough the implementation of a program of reunions, events and functions, through printed and electronic communications, and through the creation of networking opportunities for self-development.
  • c) Provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day.


All Alumni can make their payments to the following account;

A/C name: Cicely McDonnell  School of Nursing Alumni Association 

A/C number: 045-1078496 

Bank: Barclays, Hurlingham

Registration – 500/-   Subscription – 1200/- per year


Upcoming Events

Walk: Date to be announced

AGM: Date to be announced


Chairperson:             Mrs. Margaret Sirima – Lecturer – Cicely McDonell School of Nursing

Vice chairperson:   Mr. Fredrick Wambu – The Nairobi  Hospital

Secretary:                 Mr. S M Ochungo – CLC Administrator – The Nairobi  Hospital

Treasurer:             Ms. Janet Kantai – Retitred nurse/Business

Vice secretary:      Ms. Maggy Muoki – The Nairobi  Hospital

The patrons of the Association are:

Mrs. Janet Mathiu – Matron The Nairobi Hospital  

Mrs. Rose Omutanyi – Principal, Cicely McDonell School of Nursing



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