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Jessica Shiraku Jessica Shiraku Dip Physio, HDip HCM, MKSP (WCPT), MISPRM, MKCS
Chief Physiotherapist

Jessica holds a Bachelors degree in Business administration and management and a Diploma in Physiotherapy- College of Health Professions, a Higher Diploma in Health care Management- Kenya institute of Management and is accredited to the American Society of Continuing Medical Education. She is a member of the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists, which is affiliated to the World Congress of Physical Therapists. (KSP), (WCPT); the International society of physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) and the Kenya Cardiac Society (KCS).

She joined the Nairobi Hospital in 1992 from Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya and Kenyatta National Hospital. Jessica enjoys reading, traveling and listening to music.

Physical Medicine Centre

The Nairobi Hospital Physical Medicine Centre was opened as a physiotherapy department and over the years it grew to encompass other disciplines i.e. occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and orthopaedic technology thus the name Physical Medicine Centre.


Physical MedicineThis is the assessment treatment and prevention of illness, injuries and disorders by use of Physical means such as exercises, electrical agents, Soft tissue manipulation (manual therapy) rather than the use of dugs. It compliments other therapies and treatments. The Nairobi Hospital Physical Medicine centre was opened in 1968 and comprises of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy and outreach physiotherapy in Nyeri, Central Kenya.

The team is made up of highly qualified professionals to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients and they are all registered under the umbrella of Kenya Society of Physiotherapists which is an affiliate body to the world confederation of Physical Therapists. Physiotherapists are registered under Kenya Society of Physiotherapists which is an affiliate of WCPT and the Occupational therapy under the umbrella of Kenya Occupational Therapy Association

Weight LiftingEquipment available in the department includes:

Shortwave Diathermy: with both pulsed and continue currents for management of the deep seated pains i.e. in the joints.
Ultrasonic therapy: For management of the acute injury and pain in pain relieving and increasing circulation for faster healing.
Electrotherapy equipments: i.e. Tens stimulators, Interferential, Nerve stimulations, Faradic stimulation, (We use both vacuum and rigid electrodes): For electro diagnosis, muscle and nerve stimulation, Nerve re-education, muscle strengthening and pain blockage
Gym Equipments: Exercises bikes, tread mill , steppers, stair trainer quadriceps trainer, hand exercises The hamock, Kids exercises equipments, Tilt and standing board: All the gym equipments are suitable for patients rehabilitation right from the weak strength to complete recovery
Traction unit: 3D traction unit for both lumbar and cervical, and the rigid tract, traction unit.


Trainig in general body care. Training in ergonomics, back care and body mechanics is carried out for office and manual workers at their places of work. The training is a four hour program which involves theory, practical and evaluation which is done to monitor the impact of the training.

Sales, hiring and fitting of surgical and orthopaedic aids such as wheel chairs, crutches, walking frames, commodes, corsets, Anti embolic stockings and many others. We have an on-call orthopaedic technologies who make and fix any orthoses, Special; shoes and supports.

Occupational therapy. a treatment that focuses on helping people achieve independence in all areas of their lives – can offer kids with various needs positive, fun activities to improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance their self esteem and sense of accomplishment for examplehand rehabilitation, general functional rehabilitation, splinting, or fabrication of assistive aids, Activities of daily living etc

Physical_Equipmen2.jpgHydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is chiefly used to tone up the body, to stimulate digestion, the circulation, and to bring relief from pain. Descriptions of indications are given under individual assessment findings. It stimulates the nerve reflexes on the spinal cord thus relaxing the muscles and relieving pain

Speech and language therapy This is the professional identification, assessment and treatment of communication disorders in children and adults which are developed from birth or later illnesses or injuries e.g. Speech difficulties, articulation delay disorders in children, Voice disorders, stammering/stuttering, hearing impediment, eating drinking and swallowing difficulties, cleft lip and palate which causes speech and eating disorders

We also offer support groups i.e. stroke support group, stammer groups and group therapies. We have a paediatric and adult speech and language therapists.

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