This is the name given to modern x-ray departments, following introduction of various imaging modalities e.g. ultrasound, MRI
    e.t.c. to compliment the use of conventional x-rays for diagnosis. The services provided range from most basic to sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures, which are rendered to patients.


    General Radiography

     No appointments required for the above services, they are rendered as the patients walk in.

    These services include, X-ray of chest, extremities, abdomen etc.
    Services are available 24 hrs with nominal extra charge (outside normal working hours) (8.00 am-7.00p.m) weekdays, Saturday (8.00am-1.00pm).

    Radiological Procedures

    This department offers the widest spectrum of radiological procedures in the East African region, as confirmed by the many referrals.

    We have state of the art digital equipment, offering the most complete angiographic facilities in East and Central Africa ensuring production of quality images, safety to patient and operator. Other procedures include;
    Venography, Gastro-intestinal Tract, biliary, Urinary, Genital tract, Myelography etc. They are done by appointment, as most of these examinations require prior patient preparation.


    Imaging modality in which specific body parts are scanned using ultrasound waves.

    The department has several ultrasound units and we have acquired new generation equipment in ultrasonography and provide a wide range of ultrasound examinations. These include Colour Doppler studies, Regional scans, per rectal, Trans Vaginal, fine needle aspiration, Breast scans, Thyroid, Obstetric etc.

    Ultrasound is done by appointment. Radiologists are available after office hours for emergency services and appropriate consultation.


    It is a diagnostic imaging modality where by a series of images of thin layers (slices), of the body are formed by use of a modernized high powered X-ray Unit with the help of a computer.

    Regional scans are performed routinely by appointment. It is also one of the busiest department with referrals from public, private hospitals and private medical practitioners. We are in the process of acquiring ultra-modern -state of the art spiral CT Scanner this year (2001)


    This department is situated in the Accident & Emergency unit of the hospital for rapid services to A&E patients.

    Has specialized equipment for trauma cases, which is ceiling suspended to ensure easy movement throughout the room with minimal patient movement.


    We have image intensifier in the main theatre which is mobile. It assists surgeons when operating to visualize body parts of interest or removal of foreign bodies e.g. bullet.


    These are services rendered to patients who are too ill to be brought down to the Imaging Department. So we take the services to their bedside. For example, in intensive care unit (ICU), high dependency unit
    (HDU) and critical care rooms.

     Special units e.g. ICU and HDU have dedicated mobile equipment stationed there for easy access whenever needed.

    In the diagnostic imaging department, international equipment rating and operational regulations are observed with respect to radiation protection and professional practice. Female patients of reproductive age are also protected.

    The department is open 24 hours with an on-call service and for any advises related to medical imaging services including patient preparation and bookings for various examinations.

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