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Accident and Emergency Centre
Ambulance at Hospital EntranceThe Nairobi Hospital has a 24-hour Accident and Emergency (A&E) Centre which is conveniently located at the Hospitals main entrance. The Centre has increased its capacity over the years and is now able to serve over 500 patients every day.
There is an adequate complement of medical staff made up of doctors, nurses, Radiographers, pharmacists and various supportive staff. A fully fledged Pediatric Department specifically designed for children and handles all pediatric cases.

Compliance to international standards of emergency and trauma life support together with continuous training has shaped the Hospital’s speedy response to incidents, accidents and disasters. The staff of the A & E Centre is made up of certified professionals in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support and Acute Psychological Counseling.

The Centre is equipped with a resuscitation room, X-ray, laboratory, theatre and pharmacy to manage disasters and emergencies. This makes it a one stop total quality medical emergency center. There is also a helicopter landing pad that provides quick access for patients evacuated and airlifted from various places across the country and region. Critical care is also provided in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the High Dependency Unit (HDU) as a continuum of emergency care.

The staff members of the A&E recognize the need to treat patients with utmost respect and professionalism. They go out of their way to ensure that patients are attended to in a timely and effective way before discharge or transfer to inpatient wards.

The A&E partners with several consultants in management of patients as the need may arise. In addition, there is collaboration with other medical centers from Africa who choose to refer their patients to the Nairobi Hospital for further specialized management.

Casualty and Consultant Clinics

Doctor at Casualty

Casualty offers a host of services through several specialized outpatient clinics offering follow up care both at the Anderson Medical Centre and at the main A&E. They are scheduled as follows:

Casualty Services:
Walk in consultation is available 24 hours 7 days 365 days of the year including public holidays.Booking services for scheduled appointments are also available through the following numbers: Charles on (020) 284 5526 or Rahab on (020) 284 5520

Family Health Clinic:
Monday & Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm, Wednesday: 2pm-4.30pm,
Thursday: 8am-12.30pm.
The clinic caters for the whole family and is for clients who require out-patient follow-up. Staff attending to clients includes a consultant doctor, dietician and registered nurses. Screening for HIV/AIDS is also offered here.

Diabetes Clinic and Foot care:
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm.
The clinic offers follow-up care for diabetic patients, conducts blood sugar monitoring, diet counseling and holistic management of the clients health.

Antenatal Clinic:
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8am -11.30am, Thursday: 1.30pm-3.45pm.
This clinic is managed by obstetricians/gynecologists and experienced midwives. It caters for expectant parents whereby the mothers and unborn baby’s health is monitored, maintained and optimized to ensure a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and post delivery period.

Gynecology Clinic:
Tuesday: 2pm-4pm.
This clinic caters for young girls and women with health problems affecting the female reproductive system. Family planning services are also offered e.g. Implants and other contraceptives.

Dispensing Drugs at Pharmacy
Child Welfare Clinic:
Tuesday 2-4pm
Friday 8a.m.-4pm

Breast Health:
Thursday: 8am – 12midday.
This clinic facilitates breast examination to ensure breast health, detect abnormalities and provide prompt medical intervention where appropriate.

Chest clinic:
Monday: 8am – 4pm.
This is a follow up clinic for patients suffering from respiratory conditions. They are managed by consulting doctors and nurses under the KAPTLD (Kenya Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis & Lung Diseases) programme.

Vaccination for travelers:
Monday –Friday: 8am-4.30pm
In addition, the following clinics are located above the Accident &Emergency and also offer outpatient services.

Executive clinic:
Monday –Friday: 8am-4pm

Dental Clinic:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2pm-4pm Saturday: 8am-12pm

Ophthalmology clinic:
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm

EEG services:
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm Saturday: 8am-1pm

Wound Dressing:
By Appointment: for booking, please call Charles or Rahab on (020) 284 5520

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