Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Review

Are you scheduled for a drug test but have limited time to flush your system of cannabis and toxins? Do you struggle to abstain from drugs but are anxious over your pre-employment drug test? The Testclear Powered Human Synthetic Urine is your best bet. This powder will ensure you pass urine drug tests seamlessly.

Many consumers of marijuana and other THC weeds sometimes struggle to abstain over a period. Some may not have much time to completely cleanse their system due to short notice for a drug test. If you’re amongst these people, keep reading as we present the best Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Reviews to help you.

This article answers your search for the best synthetic urine 2022 and where to buy powdered human synthetic urine. It also covers how to use powdered human synthetic urine, the best fake pee for drug test, and other details on powdered urine.

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Overall Description

It has become a norm for almost all organizations and companies to run urine drug tests on applicants before employment. Also, some employees have to run such tests intermittently in their companies. This test stands as a means to detect people who use marijuana, weeds, and other cannabis-related products.

In most cases, the schedule for such tests leaves the affected persons with limited time for complete detoxification. Hence, consumers of cannabis resort to using fake urine to pass drug test.

Synthetic urine is fake urine developed to pass drug tests. It comprises some chemicals that make it almost similar to real human urine. These chemicals include uric acid, yellow coloration, creatinine, and others.

Also, to make it look authentic, synthetic urine resembles real urine in odor, color, temperature, pH balance, and density. It comes in ready-made kits with heating pads to enable users to heat the sample to the temperature of real urine.

Synthetic urine is available in different categories, like liquid and powdered forms. Testclear Powdered Synthetic Urine belongs to the latter class. It’s now available online in kits with powdered human synthetic urine instructions.

Additionally, with each kit, you must add the correct amount of water to create fake urine and pass your drug test. Always remember to follow the guidelines.

Why Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine is your Best Synthetic Urine in 2022?

Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine provides some data on medical urine testing. You must mix the powder with the correct quantity of water to give the correct similarity to real urine.

Testclear powdered urine samples last longer while still not mixed with water but will start spoiling after the mixture. This reaction makes it smell like real human urine after a few days due to the presence of bacteria.

So, even when left for days, Testclear powdered human urine may pass a sniff test. The fake urine will absorb some bacteria from the environment, which will initiate the decomposition of proteins. Hence, the urine sample will smell.

However, the case is different for most pre-mixed urine that produces no smell, even when left for some days in labs. It will be sterile with no action from bacteria and could be detected as fake during drug tests.

Testclear Urine Kit

The urine kit contains the following:

Powdered urine contained in a vial. (The powdered urine is called stimulation urine, not fake pee).

A 50ml larger transport vial with a blue cap for urine.

A temperature strip.

Two air-activated heaters.


Here are the Testclear ingredients.

1.Powdered uric acid

2.Sodium phosphate

3.Sodium chloride


5.Potassium Chloride

6.Distilled water

Instructions to Pass Urine Drug Test

While using Testclear urine sample kit, you must strictly follow the powdered human synthetic urine instructions.

Here are some steps to use Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine to pass drug test.

Transfer the powdered urine sample from the smaller vial to the larger tube.

Pour water into the powder slowly till it gets to the top.

Tightly cover the blue cap over the tube and shake the mixture to dissolve the powder urine.

From the heater pack, take one heater pad and peel off the paper.

Stick the pad to the side of the tube. You must ensure that the pad is opposite the temperature strip. You can keep the pad in position using rubber bands to avoid contact with the temperature strip and receive a false value.

Get the temperature to the required point, usually between 90F and 99F.

You must get the urine sample to the correct temperature to pass the test. If the temperature becomes higher than required, allow the sample to cool or blow on it. You should extend the heating time if it’s below the temperature range.

What Additional Products Can be Used with Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine?

Testclear urine kit contains the necessary equipment to complete your urine drug test. However, you can get the following supplementary items to aid your test while purchasing it.

Extra warmers. These will help you reheat the test pee if there’s a delay in your scheduled testing time.


Two spare vials of different sizes.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine was developed by Testclear. The company was founded in 1995 and has helped people pass drug tests for many years.

Also, Testclear firm offers products that encompass detoxification and others. It provides numerous drug testing information and kits that cut across different areas. These include the how-to-use instructions, what you may expect during a drug test, customer reviews, etc.

Testclear allows different shipping options for customers enabling prompt delivery to meet your scheduled test.

Additionally, the company boasts great customer service professionals to assist you with the right product for your need. Also, they will attend to your request and complaints promptly.


Website: https://www.testclear.com

Address: Redmond WA, 98053

Phone: +1-(866) 837-8253

Customer Support: https://www.testclear.com/contactus.aspx

Email: [email protected]


If you’ve been asking, ‘how to get powdered human synthetic urine near me?’, don’t worry. You can only purchase Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine from the Testclear official website. A single kit of urine samples is $49.95, excluding the shipping cost.

Using Testclear urine kit is more convenient as it saves you from losing your job or favorable opportunities in life. Also, it’s affordable compared to many detox drinks and cleansing products. Testclear claims 100% guarantee effectiveness and is reliable for all unsupervised urine drug tests.

Testclear provides multiple shipping options that ensure users receive their kits in time before their tests. The firm offers discounts for purchases of 3 or more kits of urine samples. Multiple purchases offer up to 10% off the total costs.


Testclear urine sample works effectively to pass drug tests.

It comes in powdered form and will be sterile without mixing.

When mixed, it can last for 3 days without spoiling through refrigerating.

It is quite suitable for unsupervised urine drug tests.

The preparation of the test sample is easy and works within one hour.

It is affordable.


Not ideal for supervised drug tests.

It’s illegal in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the right temperature for synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine passes a drug test when you maintain the proper temperature range of 90F to 99F. But you are likely to fail your drug test once you fail to keep the correct urine temperature.

Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2022?

Labs cannot detect synthetic urine based on only analysis. However, they can detect synthetic urine that fails the stink test when left for a few days. Such fake pees usually remain sterile even after mixing.

But it would be difficult for labs to detect synthetic urine that could absorb some bacteria from the atmosphere and trigger the decomposition of its constituent proteins.

Does Testclear powdered urine work?

Testclear reports that its powdered urine sample works effectively for calibrated testing machinery. The stimulation urine works if you follow all the instructions in its preparations and use, especially maintaining the correct temperature.

Can I freeze synthetic urine?

Freezing synthetic urine will depend on the information on the label of the brand. You can freeze some brands of synthetic urine for 3 days in a fridge.

Does synthetic urine have an expiry date?

Unmixed or unopened synthetic urine can last for about 1 to 2 years. But it’s better to read the product label to see the shelf life. Also, you should always use the urine sample right always after mixing or opening the product packaging.

Customer Reviews

Here are some customers’ reviews about Testclear synthetic urine.

Positive Reviews




Negative Review



You don’t need to be anxious or panic over drug tests anymore. You now know that the Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine offers you the right cover. You don’t have to risk losing your job through a drug test with traces of cannabis in your system.

Testclear synthetic urine works with lab analysis. It stands as one of the best synthetic urine in 2022. All you have to do is to head to the Testclear website and order a kit of the urine test product. You can get discounts with multiple kit purchases of the product.

With the powder, you will avoid getting caught using goldenseal or water to pass drug tests.

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